What dreams may not come

When you find out your pregnant you build a picture up in your mind of what this child’s going to be like. Then maybe if your like me and can’t wait to find out what your baby (boy or girl) is you find out early. Well then I dreamed of this loving young man who grow up to love his mum but be strong emotionally and physically. But also be caring and funny a young man every mum wants. He would love a lot of the stuff I liked but also introduce me to new things like I did my parents. He would do good at school but not have a big ego just be proud of him self.
He would have time for everyone those whom were outsiders as well as those whom were popular.  For along time I kept these dreams even thou in my heart I had a feeling that they not come true. My son was born early he was not born breathing and had a bit of a struggle. As he grew up there was little things that were different. As he started preschool there was more and more things that stood out. And as he went throw school years we been having lots of problems with school and asking for help as we knew there was issues just didn’t know what.
And now at 9 years old on 22 june we shall be going to get answer I hope on the 24 June.  And I’v had very different dreams for my son over the last seven years.