The many tales of mummy

Power of love helps you.

Power of my love for my boys has helped me many times it’s given me the strength to get throw the hardest days,darkest nights and longest nights as well. when I sat by my oldest in my scbu hopeful that the next day would bring great

news. And  Days when I’ve been pushed so far and feel like I just can’t take any more seeing my boys makes me feel like I’ve got the strengths of a Greek goddess. But I do wonder if that strength has a limit can I be  pushed to far. They got me throw the loss of my grandparents that point my life was falling apart. They have shown me what it is to be strong to be modest . They helped me learn what unconditional lo e truly is and to understand my parents as well.  As I sit here blogging my nine year old is sleeping in top bunk and youngest in bottom. My son’s are my world but I don’t let them get away with a lot.  I try and make sure that they learn to be independent as possible and caring considerate sect. So what I have done since they was little is given them choose or as I’ve called it handy helping . As the oldest always wanted to be helpful and get the praise and reward.  So Since 18 months old they had chores at first  it was to collect the mail for me and papers that came throw the door. Also it was to help unload washing and to load with mummy as you can’t leave them to do it alone and oldest loved it so did my youngest when he was small. As they got older they have done more of course. They have guinepigs so they have to do there care if they miss more then a week unless ill they been told they get given away. The oldest has to load all safe stuff no chopping knives into dish washer and unload it when done. Put away there stuff when done. Get dressed in morning help each other if need be I’m around to help but like them to be independent as possible. The youngest dos a simple wipe over the table as don’t let them use chemical sprays.  Also do extra stuff to earn tokens. As there tokens work as an exchange for PlayStation time or they can save them to get bigger rewards but honestly that don’t often happen as most of the time they use it to play games.

I wonder what other parents do chore wise.





Thank. You for nomination sothenbelloncaffiene

Now to answer questions

If you could travel anywhere tomorrow, where would it be? I would take my son’s to see my family in USA.

What is the simplest thing that makes you smile? Seeing my son’s happy and my family happy is second

What do you like about your hometown? I don’t really have one but place I think of as home I think best bit is my family is there.

What is the best meal you can prepare? I’m not sure
What’s your favorite chore to do at home? None

What’s your favourite book? The gift

What’s the very first thing you would do if you won the lottery? By a home

What’s your favourite fruit or vegetable? Apple’s and oranges

How many times have you fallen in love? Twice

What was your favorite game or toy as a child? I really am not sure I to love board games and loved the game of life.

What’s favorite beverage? Appetizers

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Daily Prompt forever here

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Forever Young.”

If there was a fountain  of youth would you drink from it.

I have two answers to this question as is always the way with me I merely commit to one answer with questions like this .

As its a question with many unknown factors to consider. One being is there a limited amount of walter. Also is it limited to only you drinking it or could any one. And is it going to make you forever young or extend the with you have and say you had a turmoil illness would it extend your  life  without healing you or would it heal you and extend your life.

And could you use it on those you love.

If I could use it on my son’s mum dad sister. Partner friends and family then of course I could use it. But if it came to being forever here without my family most of  all I would not want to live forever without them life would become unbearable. Imagen the pain of lose you feel. Not only your parents like most people but also you have family friends gone. Your be left with just memories and keep sakes and wallow in self potty and live with what it’s forever.

26/08/15 daily prompt

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Only Sixteen.”

Daily prompt what were you like at sixteen if not sixteen what do you want to be like at 16teen

Ok so sixteen year old me was very mad at the world very much wanted the world to go away and Not be there any more .  I was a very lost young lady and sadly didn’t realise I had two people who if I called out to they would of helped me or at least found help I needed. I made a lot of  silly mistakes that could of been ten times worse but luckily didn’t. If I could meet sixteen year old me I would slap me and tell me that I need to tell someone everything.


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Que Sera Sera.”

Do you believe in fate or do you believe in making your own destiny?

The way I look at life is that  we have several connecting paths which interlinked.   I believe that we go along a path then get to a point were you wwillpower to stay on one path or go onto another. What ever choice you make will lead you one way or another these paths could lead you to your dreams or to a nightmare. Every path is just another fate or you could just be staying on the path to the fate that you were on already. Fate is a very tricky business and not knowing what it is or even when you get there if that is were you are meant to be which is why  I think there are many different paths to many different fates. See how I think it go’s is simple say we where sticking to following all rules and doing well. Then say one day you break a rule and then that changes the path your on to a new one, this one could be just as good or terrible but it not be the same as last one. You can never say that bit be the one your chose but on up side you will never know.

Omg hes really moving in

Ok so in past I’ve lived with two yes two exs and both them had pushed me to.far at timess. Well now 18 months I’ve been seeing MRC. And this coming Friday he is moving in with us all. And I’m not scared I’m not worried I’m blank. Until I just said that now I’m worried that I’m not freaking out sect. But I think reason why is every weekend he’s here Friday till Sunday every chance he gets he’s here with us so I’m used to him being around now which makes this next part loads easier then if he not been here as often as he has been . But iv been trying g to find tips on how to share money and child care ect so those things don’t course fights . As I’m so worried about things I’ve heard happening fights over how to raise good kids. And money the route of all evil I don’t want to.fight over it. If you read this and can think.of any thing then.please let me I love him

21/08/15 daily promptl

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Red Pill, Blue Pill.”

When asked the question if I could take one pill to cover everything I needed in a day with no worries of fat or hunger would I  it took sometime to.contemplate my answer.  Then I thought about it and thought that I stand both sides on this argument. There are days when because of my medication ect I don’t feel great and  don’t want to eat I would love a pill that would cover all my needs. And the days when I can eat of course I will eat a full meal as those days I really enjoy food. And try and get all my needs met. A pill would be good for places were nutrition is a huge problem and most children don’t have them met . There are many reasons for and against a pill that contains all the nutritional value that is needed daily.

18th/08/2015 helpless

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Helpless.”

LAST TIME I FELT REALLY HELPLESS WAS WHEN MY YOUNGEST SON WAS VERY ILL AND ONLY A THEW WEEKS OLD. IT was really scary there was nothing I could do to help him or to change the situation . All I could do to help my self feel less helpless was to find ways to help the nurses out .  And help keep my son as comfy as possible as that was helping him and nurses out. But it was hard knowing that was all I could do I could not make my son better his life was in some strangers hands and not mine.  What did help was when he was coming home the nurses said to me thank you for making things easier for us by helping with his care and also thank you for all coffees.  Made me think about how vulnerable life how much we take for granted that when we have a child they come home from hospital and be healthy and hit every milestone ect.

i pledge allegiance to?

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “I Pledge Allegiance.”

Firstly what is a pledge?

A pledge is making a promise  to do something . This could be to be the best parent you could be to your new-born child. Or it could be to help others in your community.  Or it could me to promise your heart to another.So to pledge is to make a promise to do something .Allegiance

what dos allegiance mean?

Allegiance is to be loyal to someone. People say the a dog has allegiance to its owner. Or a husband and wife should have allegiance to each other.

So to pledge an allegiance is to promise to be loyal to a person a place to go what is needed of you .

So I would say I pledge allegiance to all those i love and my country and planet I live on.

To all those near me

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Community Service.”

Dear community

Back in 2007 when we got flooded we pulled.together and.helped one nd another. But in last 8 years that spirit has gone and no one is there for each other once again. I am as guilty as everyone I should be asking how everyone is each day asking what’s going on if any one needs help. Which is what we all should do for each other because at end of the day if something happened to me I would hope one of you would notice. As I’m sure you would hope I would notice if you had fallen in  the back garden. If you look back at previous generations people that liven near you became extensions of your family. What has changed to make people less open to those around us. What has made us trust less?  I dare you all next time you see me to ask how me and my boys are. I love to.learn about each of you whom you really are.