daily prompt throw the window”

View out side my window is a wonderful sight to see as the world LaYs silently in.some places below me. But in somecase life is still going strong mother feeding her young child desperate for it to sleep but lovingly gazing into her child’s eyes forget how much time has by. The brothers laughing about there childhood mischief and mayhem that drove there mother mad. Then sadly across the road is woman who can no longer sleep as all she thinks of is her son who’s no longer

here and how much she love to say good night one more time. And the widow who.can’t sleep because she not slept alone in 30 years and now she has to and  can’t face doing so as its admitting that he’s gone. Then there’s gang of teenage  girls who’s life is begging to change but for this point in time it’s boys music and shopping laughing and joking not realizing that  others are awAke as well. As there world is them and there loves and hates. Next time you.look.out your window.take a moment and think about who’s.out there as  someone may be lonely sad and lost or just share in joy of what you see.


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