kai-rhys and his second life See

My youngest son since he was five  has said things like I miss my old friends or I used to like playing football this life I not played it yet. He’s seems very convinced that he had a family before and that he loved different things then he dos now. As much as others say we should tell him not to talk about it and say it’s not good for him. I think that if he feels that he has lived before it should be.acknowledged and talked about. I can’t wait for him to get older and share more of his as he calls it before family. I would like to say I’m not saying that my son has or has not lived before . I simply am sharing what he has told me.And how as he’s got bit older it’s expanded more and more. We been told by him that he had a mean sister who used to hurt him and other siblings that loved him and he loved.  I find it interesting and would love other people’s views  on this.


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