kierren-jacks secret friend

Since KJ was little he’s had a little friend that no one but him can see. For a very long time he had just  Timothy.  But lately we had had a lot more friends and he’s gone into more and more detail about who they are what they do and were they are from. The thing is in away I wish  I could just know the right thing to say or do. But what book can you read that would tell me what to say and do about this sort of thing. I’ve always been a very open passionate person. In my heart I want to just  keep listening to.what he says and let him have these friends but the other day something happens that made me question my thoughts on this.  The other day we went to  a park he was sat talking to someone. He then came over and behind him was a lady crying. Kj asked me if I had a tissue for sad lady . Then he went of making patterns in the sand the lady said to me how lovely he was. We chatted and the she asked how long has he been able to talk to other side I asked what she meant. She explained that since 2007 floods she has carried a letter in her bag. And told me that kj told her that she had to open the blue letter and it help her feel better. And that her little girls name is the one her dad would of chosen.  The lady explained that her husband had died  of an asthma attack that day and he had written a letter to be given in event of her death. And that her daughter was born three months later. And she not open the letter and her daughter’s name was chosen of a short list they had. I’ve got no idea if this was just kj noticing the letter and saying something like dos and maybe she said about her husband and he just said about the name as he thought it was nice name or what . What would you do if it was your child ? Am i over thinking this? Should I just let him be or what ?Help me please.


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