what would be my last ever post

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Last Words.”Ok hi guys  So here it go’s lifes not always what you dreamed it be. But this dos not mean that it’s a bad thing. Just because life is not  what you wanted it may be what you needed. I  always find  that at first I may not want  what’s happend but in the end I find that it’s leads me to the what I truly need. Also I find that  I learn so much along the way.  There is so much that I would love to tell you but maybe I  should tell you the most important lesson that I have learned.  If you don’t feel a situation is right for you then don’t stay in hope that it will become right. If you feel there is something you just have to do and its safe not going to hurt you or others then maybe there is a reason for that. Always listen to  your body get to know it well take a moment each day stop and allow your self to truly connect with every inch of your body.  If you truly know your body then if something changes you are able to get help as you will know what it is and  be able to describe it better to those who can help us. Also if treatment dent seem to work don’t sit back and think the doctor said it will work and let it be. When we do things.like that we are risking are life and are life is a precocious gift and a gift is not to be.thrown away.  Also when comes to love dont just get with a nice guy just because he’s first nice guy to come along . It’s not fair on that guy or you if you just settle. Every one should have a guy that makes there heart race when they kiss. Can’t think of what to say next so what I shall say is this.

Treat others how you wish to be treated . Love open and honestly put your heart out there  you may end up heartbroken  a couple of times but it will make it worth all the more in the end. Know that just because someone may seem different it don’t mean they are hugely different in the inside. And even if you don’t like them don’t stop others loving them.

Love laugh live and be free


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