In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Break the Silence.”

There have been.many times in my life that I have.wanted to yell at top of my voice scream at everyone to listen . I have yet to do so but for now I shall write it on here. As some of you know I’m a disabled mummy. I’ve got two wonderful sons who are my heart and soul. Well this year has been really hard on my boys. My youngest most of all. We have noticed that he has been to less party’s and he’s not been invited for play dates. It’s really hard on him. As he loves everyone in the whole world and yes he has extra needs but he’s lovely child. Any way it’s same with my oldest who is different to other children but it’s not his thought and he is lovely little boy. Well I’ve wanted to shout many times at top of my voice what is your problem have I done something or have they done something to upset you all. Everyone seems fine then bang all of a sudden.I’m the bad guy.


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