To all those near me

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Community Service.”

Dear community

Back in 2007 when we got flooded we pulled.together and.helped one nd another. But in last 8 years that spirit has gone and no one is there for each other once again. I am as guilty as everyone I should be asking how everyone is each day asking what’s going on if any one needs help. Which is what we all should do for each other because at end of the day if something happened to me I would hope one of you would notice. As I’m sure you would hope I would notice if you had fallen in  the back garden. If you look back at previous generations people that liven near you became extensions of your family. What has changed to make people less open to those around us. What has made us trust less?  I dare you all next time you see me to ask how me and my boys are. I love to.learn about each of you whom you really are.


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