18th/08/2015 helpless

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Helpless.”

LAST TIME I FELT REALLY HELPLESS WAS WHEN MY YOUNGEST SON WAS VERY ILL AND ONLY A THEW WEEKS OLD. IT was really scary there was nothing I could do to help him or to change the situation . All I could do to help my self feel less helpless was to find ways to help the nurses out .  And help keep my son as comfy as possible as that was helping him and nurses out. But it was hard knowing that was all I could do I could not make my son better his life was in some strangers hands and not mine.  What did help was when he was coming home the nurses said to me thank you for making things easier for us by helping with his care and also thank you for all coffees.  Made me think about how vulnerable life how much we take for granted that when we have a child they come home from hospital and be healthy and hit every milestone ect.


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