Omg hes really moving in

Ok so in past I’ve lived with two yes two exs and both them had pushed me to.far at timess. Well now 18 months I’ve been seeing MRC. And this coming Friday he is moving in with us all. And I’m not scared I’m not worried I’m blank. Until I just said that now I’m worried that I’m not freaking out sect. But I think reason why is every weekend he’s here Friday till Sunday every chance he gets he’s here with us so I’m used to him being around now which makes this next part loads easier then if he not been here as often as he has been . But iv been trying g to find tips on how to share money and child care ect so those things don’t course fights . As I’m so worried about things I’ve heard happening fights over how to raise good kids. And money the route of all evil I don’t want to.fight over it. If you read this and can think.of any thing then.please let me I love him


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