In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Que Sera Sera.”

Do you believe in fate or do you believe in making your own destiny?

The way I look at life is that  we have several connecting paths which interlinked.   I believe that we go along a path then get to a point were you wwillpower to stay on one path or go onto another. What ever choice you make will lead you one way or another these paths could lead you to your dreams or to a nightmare. Every path is just another fate or you could just be staying on the path to the fate that you were on already. Fate is a very tricky business and not knowing what it is or even when you get there if that is were you are meant to be which is why  I think there are many different paths to many different fates. See how I think it go’s is simple say we where sticking to following all rules and doing well. Then say one day you break a rule and then that changes the path your on to a new one, this one could be just as good or terrible but it not be the same as last one. You can never say that bit be the one your chose but on up side you will never know.


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