Daily Prompt forever here

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Forever Young.”

If there was a fountain  of youth would you drink from it.

I have two answers to this question as is always the way with me I merely commit to one answer with questions like this .

As its a question with many unknown factors to consider. One being is there a limited amount of walter. Also is it limited to only you drinking it or could any one. And is it going to make you forever young or extend the with you have and say you had a turmoil illness would it extend your  life  without healing you or would it heal you and extend your life.

And could you use it on those you love.

If I could use it on my son’s mum dad sister. Partner friends and family then of course I could use it. But if it came to being forever here without my family most of  all I would not want to live forever without them life would become unbearable. Imagen the pain of lose you feel. Not only your parents like most people but also you have family friends gone. Your be left with just memories and keep sakes and wallow in self potty and live with what it’s forever.


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