The many tales of mummy

Power of love helps you.

Power of my love for my boys has helped me many times it’s given me the strength to get throw the hardest days,darkest nights and longest nights as well. when I sat by my oldest in my scbu hopeful that the next day would bring great

news. And  Days when I’ve been pushed so far and feel like I just can’t take any more seeing my boys makes me feel like I’ve got the strengths of a Greek goddess. But I do wonder if that strength has a limit can I be  pushed to far. They got me throw the loss of my grandparents that point my life was falling apart. They have shown me what it is to be strong to be modest . They helped me learn what unconditional lo e truly is and to understand my parents as well.  As I sit here blogging my nine year old is sleeping in top bunk and youngest in bottom. My son’s are my world but I don’t let them get away with a lot.  I try and make sure that they learn to be independent as possible and caring considerate sect. So what I have done since they was little is given them choose or as I’ve called it handy helping . As the oldest always wanted to be helpful and get the praise and reward.  So Since 18 months old they had chores at first  it was to collect the mail for me and papers that came throw the door. Also it was to help unload washing and to load with mummy as you can’t leave them to do it alone and oldest loved it so did my youngest when he was small. As they got older they have done more of course. They have guinepigs so they have to do there care if they miss more then a week unless ill they been told they get given away. The oldest has to load all safe stuff no chopping knives into dish washer and unload it when done. Put away there stuff when done. Get dressed in morning help each other if need be I’m around to help but like them to be independent as possible. The youngest dos a simple wipe over the table as don’t let them use chemical sprays.  Also do extra stuff to earn tokens. As there tokens work as an exchange for PlayStation time or they can save them to get bigger rewards but honestly that don’t often happen as most of the time they use it to play games.

I wonder what other parents do chore wise.



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