A house is not a home

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Home Turf.”

I spent most of my childhood moving from one place to another. This has meant that I have always felt home and comfort at my nans home. What I have learnt since having my.son’s and the 2007 flood is this.

1.A house is not a home , a home can be your house if you let it.

2. Emotional connection is a big thing when it comes to making a place your home. That’s were the saying home is were the heart is.

3. Making it yours , as child we could not paint are houses. So now I love making home mine. I love painting, putting posters up and photos.

4 don’t use magazines for ideas feel the room and what you want. Look at friends houses what you like there.

5. Don’t be.afraid to be bold.

But really what makes my house my home now is two noise makers. My man and his boat size shoes. Pets they make me feel settled. And happy memories the rest is just iceing on the cake


change world make it a better place

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Fun Platform.”

If I was in power for just one day and could change one thing what would it be.

I would change the disability benefits . I would included questions relating to pain as at moment it’s not really taking in to consideration. If one partner could work other couldn’t due to a disability I would give them.a flammable.deficit as well as there dla I would look at it that the DLA is for things that help them. But also as part of the benefits I would look at there meds being free if there life long condition. As a disabled person unable to work and find it sometimes hard as I can’t buy books my kids need for school. Benefits and cost of living have never been at same level it is under the level. But it dos Feel  like being disabled if I live with any one I  shall be punished for being unable to work. So  I can’t have any one living with me or I  be living hand to mouth.   And for sake of my son I can’t do that.

give your child the education they need

How can you give your child the education they need and want without depriving them of the social aspect of state school. Well it’s a question going throw my mind all the time at moment. I’m looking at what is best for my oldest son when he hits secondary I don’t want he being lost in the system of secondary school. I want to give him the best possible education for him. I know how he learns best he is a child that struggles with writing so gets Fed up and just wants to give in. Learning along side him by making it enjoyable is best for him. He loves to sing and act out scenes and loves to listen to stories and science experiments. He’s a very knowledgeable child. Do I home school him knowing that I know how he learns best or do I do something different and try find a study plan for him. What can I do for best for him he already struggles at Jr school. He’s in year 5 now and I hope against hope that he will do better this year and in mean time look at my choices when it comes to school. I just wonder what other parents with children like mine whom have special needs and struggle with writing and school social ect cope. And finding every possible educational option.

world’s end

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “No Cliffhangers.”

It was gone how could it be gone its never been lost before. Why that all the things in the world this is the one thing I could do without losing . This is the one thing that could course most mishaps the lots of  pain to all of us . And I knew without it we will have a long day and an even longer night. We asked everyone and any one if they had seen it even all over face book. Then luckily the taxi driver who took us to reading came forward and said they had meow. The thing is my oldest had meow since he was in scbu at an hour old he was now 8. And they had never been apart at night. But when traveling to reading by taxi we rushed out the car and left her behind. My boy found it hard to sleep without her. And everywhere we went he kept trying to find her. But now at last someone had her. I found out he lived just down the road . It had been six days since meow had gone missing. The taxi driver dropped her of while boy was at school. My mum picked him up and when he came running up stairs  and saw her he was happy. And at last all was well with the world.

Games we used to play

I think back to the days of my childhood the games that were played in the playground. Now I seen the children of the local school my children go to and wonder what there play times can be like considering now the amount of things that have been banned. Kids can’t play hopscotch because of the throwing a stone. Skipping because skipping rope could hit someone in face and hurt them. Chase because running around they could fall on each other. And many other games that used to fill are play times with so much joy and teach us so many life lessons. Like how just because you lost don’t mean your a loser means you lost this time. And the basic animal instincts of go for the weak first. It helps children bound these games that used to be played some times had whole playground playing. Like red rover I can recall a time when the whole school playground was divided in to two groups . We all enjoyed to and whole week everyone talked about it and some of the newbies were taken in on there first day Because of this game. What are we teaching are children by droppings many things that as children we all enjoyed and learned to be safe doing so. Now some children are scared to do so much because of all the rules that are in place these days. I do wonder how we still have books coming home when kids could get paper cuts. When will this stop were will it stop at? I talk about playing marbles with my boys and they look amazed at me I ask why they reply” what about the risk to your fingers and others slipping on them. I never think of that as a kid and wonder what makes them think that way.

Parents of university students fears

Students spend a shocking 940 million on alcohol a year . That is a huge amount considering the amount of time there studying in class or on break.  A recent poll of 8,000 people questioned  throw a student magazine 70 percent have taken drugs.  One third of female students  have reported sexual assault. And those are just the ones that report it.  There are other huge risks, there is weight gain , malnutrition lack of exercise.  There is also a risk alcohol poisoning and alcohol related injuries. Which could result in death or serious injury.
There’s also risk of stds with all unprotected sex that go’s on in university one in five will get a life changing std and one in ten a life changing baby.
Also there is depression and other mental health illness that are more common to show signs under stress. Then can come to the misuses of prescription drugs . Which can lead to other hard core drugs.
All of these stress and worries, risks no wonder so many parents fear there children leaving home to go  universities and some have even resulted to bribing there children to go the closes university’s to them. I can say as a mother I fear the day it comes to choice of university and even have said I move home so they could stay home and lower the risk of any thing happening. But I do have while yet as my oldest is 9 so he’s still young which could be part reason that at moment  why I think I would move with him if need be.  Only time will tell if it will get better for students.

101dating part 2 on what I wish I knew.

What I wish I knew before

4.If you.dress up for a date don’t dress up for him/her. Dress up for you. It’s better that you dress up for you.to feel good about yourself  And seem confident about your self then dressing up how you think there like to see you. As a man tends to like a confident woman then a.woman dressed a set way

5.Listen to them as well as reply to what they say even.if it’s just to say I don’t, much about that. Or could your tell me more about it. Don’t spend evening talking about your self. But do talk about yourself when there’s silence talk. But then turn it back on to them by ending with a question

6.Don’t talk about ex’s on first dates as makes it sound like your still in love with them. And that would send any new potential partner running

7. Meet on a neutral ground. Don’t go to one of your favourite places or there’s. By going to a favourite place of yours or there’s gives you or them more of an upper hand. You need to both be on even level.  Plenty of time all going well later for you to go there.


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Retrospectively Funny.”

Having to young son’s there are times that they do or say things that I have to laugh at or cry about. Or sometimes even just pretend it’s not happening. Well this one day my youngest son was only two weeks old. And in was breast feeding while we were out. Well along comes an older lady whom commented on this saying how good it was that I chose to do this. Well my oldest being four was hard of hearing and was very much a four year old. He decided for some reason to teach the lady about why it’s good to breast feed. At top of his little voice he tells the lady ” my mummy feeds kai with her boobies because it has every thing he needs. And my mummy dos have big booties so she has lots to feed him from.”  At time I wanted to hide away now i have to laugh and think at least he understood why I did it.


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Mouth Drop.”

There were machines beeping around me nurses  moving from one area to the next. No one was looking me in the eye. I felt cold alone and scared. I was not aware of what was  going on around me or even who was there. My hands were shaking both nothing in the world mattered more to me then what was going to happen right now. Three people walked.towards me one I had meet here severa times before but the others no I.had not meet them.  The man with black hair with flicks of gray and and deep brown eyes. He was very well spoken man. He had a very gentle manner about him. He was handed a file  they went throw the details.of the case. Then everything around me became silent other then the beeping.  He reached out graded my hands looked at me deep in to my eyes.  And spoke to me in a soft caring tone. Ms Leach I’ve looked at the information  and come to the conclusion that your son should be fine to go home now with monitoring.  I felt like I could not breath I could not say a word I was.excited and scared all at once. Tears were streaming down my face my face was feeling red hot. I could hardly think straight. Most of all I was happy my baby was coming home. Two hours later I was finely able to answer the doctors and answer and say thank you for keeping my new born alive  and getting him well enough to come home