Dating 101 things i wish i knew before i made to many

So when I was younger there was things I didn’t know about dating. To many I seemed like a pro but I was not I was used to boys as mates. One thing I did learn when it comes to dating mates it’s not that easy to step back over the line once you have crossed it. Two boys that were fantastic mates of mine and we crossed over from doing friend things to what you do with a lover. And when that ended it ended with us never talking again and it still hurts to this day. Not because I love him but because I miss my friend so never cross the line.

Second is this.

Never think that because you kissed someone the night before that they going to want to date the next day. Not always the case sadly you can.hope it is and sometimes it will be but only sometimes.  Try not to follow lust follow your brain as that is a girls best weapon when dating


Don’t go for someone just because they look good go for someone you can talk to. Because between the kissing them  you need to be able to  talk to them. Outside is just a cover what’s in there heart and soul is what matters. And if your lucky enough to find some one who’s heart and soul are the other half of yours. And there looks are to your liking then.your lucky  . I am a very lucky lady as my man has heart of gold and a pure soul to match.

More in my next post and rules you know love to know your thoughts.


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