In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Mouth Drop.”

There were machines beeping around me nurses  moving from one area to the next. No one was looking me in the eye. I felt cold alone and scared. I was not aware of what was  going on around me or even who was there. My hands were shaking both nothing in the world mattered more to me then what was going to happen right now. Three people walked.towards me one I had meet here severa times before but the others no I.had not meet them.  The man with black hair with flicks of gray and and deep brown eyes. He was very well spoken man. He had a very gentle manner about him. He was handed a file  they went throw the details.of the case. Then everything around me became silent other then the beeping.  He reached out graded my hands looked at me deep in to my eyes.  And spoke to me in a soft caring tone. Ms Leach I’ve looked at the information  and come to the conclusion that your son should be fine to go home now with monitoring.  I felt like I could not breath I could not say a word I was.excited and scared all at once. Tears were streaming down my face my face was feeling red hot. I could hardly think straight. Most of all I was happy my baby was coming home. Two hours later I was finely able to answer the doctors and answer and say thank you for keeping my new born alive  and getting him well enough to come home


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