101dating part 2 on what I wish I knew.

What I wish I knew before

4.If you.dress up for a date don’t dress up for him/her. Dress up for you. It’s better that you dress up for you.to feel good about yourself  And seem confident about your self then dressing up how you think there like to see you. As a man tends to like a confident woman then a.woman dressed a set way

5.Listen to them as well as reply to what they say even.if it’s just to say I don’t, much about that. Or could your tell me more about it. Don’t spend evening talking about your self. But do talk about yourself when there’s silence talk. But then turn it back on to them by ending with a question

6.Don’t talk about ex’s on first dates as makes it sound like your still in love with them. And that would send any new potential partner running

7. Meet on a neutral ground. Don’t go to one of your favourite places or there’s. By going to a favourite place of yours or there’s gives you or them more of an upper hand. You need to both be on even level.  Plenty of time all going well later for you to go there.


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