In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Retrospectively Funny.”

Having to young son’s there are times that they do or say things that I have to laugh at or cry about. Or sometimes even just pretend it’s not happening. Well this one day my youngest son was only two weeks old. And in was breast feeding while we were out. Well along comes an older lady whom commented on this saying how good it was that I chose to do this. Well my oldest being four was hard of hearing and was very much a four year old. He decided for some reason to teach the lady about why it’s good to breast feed. At top of his little voice he tells the lady ” my mummy feeds kai with her boobies because it has every thing he needs. And my mummy dos have big booties so she has lots to feed him from.”  At time I wanted to hide away now i have to laugh and think at least he understood why I did it.


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