Parents of university students fears

Students spend a shocking 940 million on alcohol a year . That is a huge amount considering the amount of time there studying in class or on break.  A recent poll of 8,000 people questioned  throw a student magazine 70 percent have taken drugs.  One third of female students  have reported sexual assault. And those are just the ones that report it.  There are other huge risks, there is weight gain , malnutrition lack of exercise.  There is also a risk alcohol poisoning and alcohol related injuries. Which could result in death or serious injury.
There’s also risk of stds with all unprotected sex that go’s on in university one in five will get a life changing std and one in ten a life changing baby.
Also there is depression and other mental health illness that are more common to show signs under stress. Then can come to the misuses of prescription drugs . Which can lead to other hard core drugs.
All of these stress and worries, risks no wonder so many parents fear there children leaving home to go  universities and some have even resulted to bribing there children to go the closes university’s to them. I can say as a mother I fear the day it comes to choice of university and even have said I move home so they could stay home and lower the risk of any thing happening. But I do have while yet as my oldest is 9 so he’s still young which could be part reason that at moment  why I think I would move with him if need be.  Only time will tell if it will get better for students.


4 thoughts on “Parents of university students fears

  1. Raise your children with guidance and care whilst also allowing them freedom. Don’t lecture them, educate them. If you lecture them not to go near drugs and they might get curious. Educate them on the dangers of drugs and they will be more likely to make sensible choices.

    In my experience, the worst students are the ones who were over – parented and waited on hand & foot at home. They just don’t have a clue. Teach them the value of money, and they’ll carefully budget. Teach them about safe sex, safe drinking, and time management. Talk to them about mental health and encourage them to discuss their mental health status with you, counsellors, teachers, friends. I’m sure your kids, when the time comes, will be just fine 🙂


    1. Due to me being in wheelchair mine can’t be waited on hand and foot . They know mistakes I’ve made and what it cost others I don’t hide what I’ve done in the past. I always say I can’t judge or lecture them as how can I when I’ve done same things

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