Games we used to play

I think back to the days of my childhood the games that were played in the playground. Now I seen the children of the local school my children go to and wonder what there play times can be like considering now the amount of things that have been banned. Kids can’t play hopscotch because of the throwing a stone. Skipping because skipping rope could hit someone in face and hurt them. Chase because running around they could fall on each other. And many other games that used to fill are play times with so much joy and teach us so many life lessons. Like how just because you lost don’t mean your a loser means you lost this time. And the basic animal instincts of go for the weak first. It helps children bound these games that used to be played some times had whole playground playing. Like red rover I can recall a time when the whole school playground was divided in to two groups . We all enjoyed to and whole week everyone talked about it and some of the newbies were taken in on there first day Because of this game. What are we teaching are children by droppings many things that as children we all enjoyed and learned to be safe doing so. Now some children are scared to do so much because of all the rules that are in place these days. I do wonder how we still have books coming home when kids could get paper cuts. When will this stop were will it stop at? I talk about playing marbles with my boys and they look amazed at me I ask why they reply” what about the risk to your fingers and others slipping on them. I never think of that as a kid and wonder what makes them think that way.


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