change world make it a better place

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Fun Platform.”

If I was in power for just one day and could change one thing what would it be.

I would change the disability benefits . I would included questions relating to pain as at moment it’s not really taking in to consideration. If one partner could work other couldn’t due to a disability I would give them.a flammable.deficit as well as there dla I would look at it that the DLA is for things that help them. But also as part of the benefits I would look at there meds being free if there life long condition. As a disabled person unable to work and find it sometimes hard as I can’t buy books my kids need for school. Benefits and cost of living have never been at same level it is under the level. But it dos Feel  like being disabled if I live with any one I  shall be punished for being unable to work. So  I can’t have any one living with me or I  be living hand to mouth.   And for sake of my son I can’t do that.


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