give your child the education they need

How can you give your child the education they need and want without depriving them of the social aspect of state school. Well it’s a question going throw my mind all the time at moment. I’m looking at what is best for my oldest son when he hits secondary I don’t want he being lost in the system of secondary school. I want to give him the best possible education for him. I know how he learns best he is a child that struggles with writing so gets Fed up and just wants to give in. Learning along side him by making it enjoyable is best for him. He loves to sing and act out scenes and loves to listen to stories and science experiments. He’s a very knowledgeable child. Do I home school him knowing that I know how he learns best or do I do something different and try find a study plan for him. What can I do for best for him he already struggles at Jr school. He’s in year 5 now and I hope against hope that he will do better this year and in mean time look at my choices when it comes to school. I just wonder what other parents with children like mine whom have special needs and struggle with writing and school social ect cope. And finding every possible educational option.


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