world’s end

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “No Cliffhangers.”

It was gone how could it be gone its never been lost before. Why that all the things in the world this is the one thing I could do without losing . This is the one thing that could course most mishaps the lots of  pain to all of us . And I knew without it we will have a long day and an even longer night. We asked everyone and any one if they had seen it even all over face book. Then luckily the taxi driver who took us to reading came forward and said they had meow. The thing is my oldest had meow since he was in scbu at an hour old he was now 8. And they had never been apart at night. But when traveling to reading by taxi we rushed out the car and left her behind. My boy found it hard to sleep without her. And everywhere we went he kept trying to find her. But now at last someone had her. I found out he lived just down the road . It had been six days since meow had gone missing. The taxi driver dropped her of while boy was at school. My mum picked him up and when he came running up stairs  and saw her he was happy. And at last all was well with the world.


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