A house is not a home

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Home Turf.”

I spent most of my childhood moving from one place to another. This has meant that I have always felt home and comfort at my nans home. What I have learnt since having my.son’s and the 2007 flood is this.

1.A house is not a home , a home can be your house if you let it.

2. Emotional connection is a big thing when it comes to making a place your home. That’s were the saying home is were the heart is.

3. Making it yours , as child we could not paint are houses. So now I love making home mine. I love painting, putting posters up and photos.

4 don’t use magazines for ideas feel the room and what you want. Look at friends houses what you like there.

5. Don’t be.afraid to be bold.

But really what makes my house my home now is two noise makers. My man and his boat size shoes. Pets they make me feel settled. And happy memories the rest is just iceing on the cake


2 thoughts on “A house is not a home

  1. I agree with you! A house becomes a home only when we add our own touch to the house and when we have beautiful memories to remind us how much we love the place.


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