With Christmas comes

Now that Christmas day has past I look towards 2016. But with looking forwards comes looking back. And with looking back I’m made to remember those that were here and sadly no longer with us. There have been many that have made an impact on my life in.many ways and always will. One little boy who.had a very hard start in life and was still very small made huge impact in my life and still today I think of him. He left huge footprints on many people’s hearts now and forever. And friend of mines mum she took death in her stride faced death like it was an old friend even thou really she wanted to stay she gracefully peacefully said her good byes made peace with the world. But in life she was the same she made every challenge look so easy. She made being a,nan and grandparent seem easy. She helped me so much with my oldest and any time my mum was not there and I needed advice she was there. And then there was another 2 friends mums that have past. Both lady’s were amazing mums and grans just over all good people I hope I could be as good a person as them and my mum. My point being is when we look forward don’t to first look back at where we have been. And what parts of last year and years before have helped make us whom we are and say thank you for this. And I will never forget.


Oh what fun it is to be a mum at Christmas time hay

Well the decks are up the kids are singing all the Christmas songs they learnt.
And of there I am thinking if I hear that song one more time I hear little donkey this mummy going send that donkey 1st class to bethlehem. Then of course a fight breaks out over who’s song is better. And then who can sing better and the 9 year old pipes up well “I can read so I don’t have to learn every word of by heart. Then get youngest yelling back” well your old like mandated ‘m so you can.remember all the words were I’m still young” at this point I’m laughing my.head of unable to tell any child of. So what do I do. I pretend I never heard a word and that I was just to busy. Then comes the big guns come out from the 9 year old. I’m older so can phone Santa and you can’t so do as your told or I call him. Now go ask mummy if we can.have are count down calender or I call him. Ok so that moment I did step in and say enough no calling Santa. It is funny when they have these strange little one ups that turn out to be what you don’t think.there about .

Christmas is coming

Christmas is coming and along with all the Happiness  joy laughter presents and cheer comes other things.  Now as every one knows I have two sons. They are so funny and make each day intresting and new. Earlier this week my youngest son came into my room laid his little head on my lap. His big blue eyes looking deep into my soul I knew he was going to break my heart so to speak. In he’s most sorrowful voice he spoke. “Mumy I’ve just not got any Christmas spirit this year I’m just not feeling it this year mummy.we need to do something about this as I’m five I need Christmas spirit Or I might  go crazy. It was so sweet I tried my hardest not to laugh at him or cry as it was funny and sad at the same time. But made me think what gives us chistmas spirit..is it joy on a child’s face. Is it celebrating family and friends or the birth of God’s only child. What I enjoy the most is seeing joy not just on my son’s face. Also I enjoy seeing the look on family and faces when I give them a really thought full present .

Christmas means me any things to many people. To me it means showing you care by doing Something or giving them a meaning full gift maybe something they really wanted but could not buy for some reason. To overs it’s celebrating birth of God’s only son.


Bloop and kitty write up


Ok so the you thunders bloop and katty kids rhyme box asked nicely as I watch it with my youngest child could I review them  So here it gos.

One I first ever watched with my son was old mcdonald. I love the fact that it is bright but not overwhelming which is hard to achieve.  And having a child that has extra needs makes it hard sometimes watch things on you tube or any thing as these programs can make little mistakes for those with extra needs. And if something is to bright or to loud it will have to be turned of straight away. But luckily I found that all the bloop and katty vids were never to bright and were pitch perfect. Which meant that never had to turn a y of the vids of.my son and myself enjoyed the twists to old ryhms like the dancing horse in old McDonald’s farm. All vids are entertaining for both children and for once the grown ups as well which us parents need some times . Only so.much paw patrol you can take. I hope many more people enjoy them as much as we did .



What can a teacher do?

Recently I have been hearing from a lot of parents about things teachers have said and done.  There are ways to push a difficult child to help them get on the right track. But I’ve. Heard of teachers calling there pupils lazy ,self centered, selfish,.  I feel that schools are telling pupils to use kind words to each and not hurt each other’s feelings. But is that not what they are doing by using such words. So should they not set an.example for there pupils. And maybe use the right words and actions to push the child on to the right track .  Where should teachers draw the line and what shouldn’t they say? What should they  do Instead?.



Parenting with no book

When you bring this tiny baby home we have the answers to start with they cry could be feed cuddle nappy change. Then as they get older the tears get less but my gosh the answers get harder to find. So what can you do with the real hard questions. Like when your 9 year old refuses to do his home work. Which is normal for a 9 year old yes but his reasoning for not doing it is very credible. See in his home work is two write about whom he is now and who he wants to be. My oldest can be very blunt when it comes to his views He told me that how.can.he.right something so deep about himself when he is only 9 and don’t know himself yet who he is and who he wants to be. What could you say to him ,how could I reason with him when I understand what he means 100 present. There needs to be a book that tells you what to say to any of these questions.