Parenting with no book

When you bring this tiny baby home we have the answers to start with they cry could be feed cuddle nappy change. Then as they get older the tears get less but my gosh the answers get harder to find. So what can you do with the real hard questions. Like when your 9 year old refuses to do his home work. Which is normal for a 9 year old yes but his reasoning for not doing it is very credible. See in his home work is two write about whom he is now and who he wants to be. My oldest can be very blunt when it comes to his views He told me that how.can.he.right something so deep about himself when he is only 9 and don’t know himself yet who he is and who he wants to be. What could you say to him ,how could I reason with him when I understand what he means 100 present. There needs to be a book that tells you what to say to any of these questions.


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