Bloop and kitty write up

Ok so the you thunders bloop and katty kids rhyme box asked nicely as I watch it with my youngest child could I review them  So here it gos.

One I first ever watched with my son was old mcdonald. I love the fact that it is bright but not overwhelming which is hard to achieve.  And having a child that has extra needs makes it hard sometimes watch things on you tube or any thing as these programs can make little mistakes for those with extra needs. And if something is to bright or to loud it will have to be turned of straight away. But luckily I found that all the bloop and katty vids were never to bright and were pitch perfect. Which meant that never had to turn a y of the vids son and myself enjoyed the twists to old ryhms like the dancing horse in old McDonald’s farm. All vids are entertaining for both children and for once the grown ups as well which us parents need some times . Only so.much paw patrol you can take. I hope many more people enjoy them as much as we did .




5 thoughts on “Bloop and kitty write up

  1. Thankyou for the beautiful write-up and participating in the Blogger Contest for “Bloop & Katty” !! We are going to re-blog this post and going to promote your blog in all our social media posts. Keep glued as we will share with you the links soon.

    **And not to miss out our GRAND PRIZE announcement on 1st January 2016, for the best write-up.

    Bloop & Katty 🙂


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