Christmas is coming

Christmas is coming and along with all the Happiness  joy laughter presents and cheer comes other things.  Now as every one knows I have two sons. They are so funny and make each day intresting and new. Earlier this week my youngest son came into my room laid his little head on my lap. His big blue eyes looking deep into my soul I knew he was going to break my heart so to speak. In he’s most sorrowful voice he spoke. “Mumy I’ve just not got any Christmas spirit this year I’m just not feeling it this year mummy.we need to do something about this as I’m five I need Christmas spirit Or I might  go crazy. It was so sweet I tried my hardest not to laugh at him or cry as it was funny and sad at the same time. But made me think what gives us chistmas it joy on a child’s face. Is it celebrating family and friends or the birth of God’s only child. What I enjoy the most is seeing joy not just on my son’s face. Also I enjoy seeing the look on family and faces when I give them a really thought full present .

Christmas means me any things to many people. To me it means showing you care by doing Something or giving them a meaning full gift maybe something they really wanted but could not buy for some reason. To overs it’s celebrating birth of God’s only son.



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