Oh what fun it is to be a mum at Christmas time hay

Well the decks are up the kids are singing all the Christmas songs they learnt.
And of there I am thinking if I hear that song one more time I hear little donkey this mummy going send that donkey 1st class to bethlehem. Then of course a fight breaks out over who’s song is better. And then who can sing better and the 9 year old pipes up well “I can read so I don’t have to learn every word of by heart. Then get youngest yelling back” well your old like mandated ‘m so you can.remember all the words were I’m still young” at this point I’m laughing my.head of unable to tell any child of. So what do I do. I pretend I never heard a word and that I was just to busy. Then comes the big guns come out from the 9 year old. I’m older so can phone Santa and you can’t so do as your told or I call him. Now go ask mummy if we can.have are count down calender or I call him. Ok so that moment I did step in and say enough no calling Santa. It is funny when they have these strange little one ups that turn out to be what you don’t think.there about .


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