With Christmas comes

Now that Christmas day has past I look towards 2016. But with looking forwards comes looking back. And with looking back I’m made to remember those that were here and sadly no longer with us. There have been many that have made an impact on my life in.many ways and always will. One little boy who.had a very hard start in life and was still very small made huge impact in my life and still today I think of him. He left huge footprints on many people’s hearts now and forever. And friend of mines mum she took death in her stride faced death like it was an old friend even thou really she wanted to stay she gracefully peacefully said her good byes made peace with the world. But in life she was the same she made every challenge look so easy. She made being a,nan and grandparent seem easy. She helped me so much with my oldest and any time my mum was not there and I needed advice she was there. And then there was another 2 friends mums that have past. Both lady’s were amazing mums and grans just over all good people I hope I could be as good a person as them and my mum. My point being is when we look forward don’t to first look back at where we have been. And what parts of last year and years before have helped make us whom we are and say thank you for this. And I will never forget.


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