Little one

You lived under my heart for a short time as you grew so did my love for you. I tried my best to safe under my heart little one. It breaks my heart that I was not strong enough if you could of stayed there for one more month or just a week. I hold your tiny hand as you slept you curl your fingers around one of mine. The beeping and pings all around you confessing and scary . People walking pass us nurse and doctors even cleaners with the look of pity in there eyes.
Do they know some thing I don’t are they expressing my worse fear. Is it about to come true are you going so young not meant for this world yet. I look at you and all I see is perfection. The tubes and wires mean nothing to me but the world sees what I don’t. I see my little one so strong fighting to be with mummy everyday. I hope you can stay my love for you I hope gives you strength to fight on. The day finely came where I can hold you not just your hand but you. Your soft skin so red and deep blue eyes Dark hair. And I try band take in every little inch of you incase it’s a while before I can again. I wonder when if ever you be home with me. Everyday when I go near door of where you are I wonder if the buzzing emergency alarm is for you fear stops me opening the door. I open the door to see that you are being moved form the safe little home you had sealed from the outside and now your strong enough to meet the outside world when you awaken everyday . Maybe soon your be able to meet the Sun. Meet the Many people waiting to meet You. So many of your friends will never meet there family. Its hard to be so happy knowing another family is so sad. So lost a hole in there family never to be filled. When the day arrived that you came home I held you so close when we got home never wanting to let you go . Never wanting to feel you out my arms again.


Cyber ups cyber downs

People do go on about how we are cut of from each because of facebook social media. Well I want to point out ppent of people I know of who have reunited with family long lost and forgotten. I had never meet some of my dad’s family I always wanted to always dreamed of having a bond with them but never had it. Now I have contact with most of my dad’s family and now if I need to talk to someone and really need a chat I know I can message one of. Them as they live far away. Social media has brought us together
Friends that I lost touch with because of one reason or another I’ve been able to meet again . It has its down side with the moaning and sniping back stabbing bullying. When used correctly social media can aid many. The real downside has been when bullying has gone beyond the point of just hurting and effecting the person mentally