I’m a penguin magnet

So had lovely trip to longleat today. Well all was going well been seen all the small animals. Once we saw butterfly bats rabbits meerkats little monkeys. Went on the boat ride and saw mainly sealions but also hippos and monkeys. Once we done this it was time to go and see my oldest sons favourite animal. The children were so existed to go throw the walk throw so was I amitedly. We waited are turn and it soon came time for us to walk throw. Well we went in and started moving then soon like the movie the birds but not as bad the were penguins all around my chair even under it. The handler was doing everything to get them.to move it was funny really. One under my seat not willing to come out not matter whAt the handler did. Ones trying to eat my boots. And they would not movie for ages the poor handler did everything he could think of to move this stubborn penguin more so the one under my chair that was hissing at others and nipping at them. He wanted it to be his house. I’m so grateful that he was trying his best and not being snappy with my son’s whom tried to help with the views on what to do. Even thou really there help was not helpful. Longest staff really stepped up yesturday. Because of were they all where only photos I could get photos when most moved on. Made my oldest sons day sadly my boots have not made it and can’t afford new ones.