world’s end

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “No Cliffhangers.”

It was gone how could it be gone its never been lost before. Why that all the things in the world this is the one thing I could do without losing . This is the one thing that could course most mishaps the lots of  pain to all of us . And I knew without it we will have a long day and an even longer night. We asked everyone and any one if they had seen it even all over face book. Then luckily the taxi driver who took us to reading came forward and said they had meow. The thing is my oldest had meow since he was in scbu at an hour old he was now 8. And they had never been apart at night. But when traveling to reading by taxi we rushed out the car and left her behind. My boy found it hard to sleep without her. And everywhere we went he kept trying to find her. But now at last someone had her. I found out he lived just down the road . It had been six days since meow had gone missing. The taxi driver dropped her of while boy was at school. My mum picked him up and when he came running up stairs  and saw her he was happy. And at last all was well with the world.



In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Mouth Drop.”

There were machines beeping around me nurses  moving from one area to the next. No one was looking me in the eye. I felt cold alone and scared. I was not aware of what was  going on around me or even who was there. My hands were shaking both nothing in the world mattered more to me then what was going to happen right now. Three people walked.towards me one I had meet here severa times before but the others no I.had not meet them.  The man with black hair with flicks of gray and and deep brown eyes. He was very well spoken man. He had a very gentle manner about him. He was handed a file  they went throw the details.of the case. Then everything around me became silent other then the beeping.  He reached out graded my hands looked at me deep in to my eyes.  And spoke to me in a soft caring tone. Ms Leach I’ve looked at the information  and come to the conclusion that your son should be fine to go home now with monitoring.  I felt like I could not breath I could not say a word I was.excited and scared all at once. Tears were streaming down my face my face was feeling red hot. I could hardly think straight. Most of all I was happy my baby was coming home. Two hours later I was finely able to answer the doctors and answer and say thank you for keeping my new born alive  and getting him well enough to come home

Dating 101 things i wish i knew before i made to many

So when I was younger there was things I didn’t know about dating. To many I seemed like a pro but I was not I was used to boys as mates. One thing I did learn when it comes to dating mates it’s not that easy to step back over the line once you have crossed it. Two boys that were fantastic mates of mine and we crossed over from doing friend things to what you do with a lover. And when that ended it ended with us never talking again and it still hurts to this day. Not because I love him but because I miss my friend so never cross the line.

Second is this.

Never think that because you kissed someone the night before that they going to want to date the next day. Not always the case sadly you can.hope it is and sometimes it will be but only sometimes.  Try not to follow lust follow your brain as that is a girls best weapon when dating


Don’t go for someone just because they look good go for someone you can talk to. Because between the kissing them  you need to be able to  talk to them. Outside is just a cover what’s in there heart and soul is what matters. And if your lucky enough to find some one who’s heart and soul are the other half of yours. And there looks are to your liking then.your lucky  . I am a very lucky lady as my man has heart of gold and a pure soul to match.

More in my next post and rules you know love to know your thoughts.

isolation and devastation =

 A contagious disease requires you to be put into quarantine for a whole month (don’t worry, you get well by the time you’re free to go!). How would you spend your time in isolation?

Being a child that spent a lot of hospital growing up as my the army it meant that a lot of hospitals were near empty on children’s ward’s.  So it meant that it was like being in isolation. Most of my time I spent reading and writing story’s of pretend world’s. As I would be on be rest could hardly run around as I.would.have both legs in casts.  Also I would watch films and documentaries.  Basically it would be a case of using the time to learn and to build a world that I could enjoy  and have fun in  and my  illness never matters as I would make my self in my world healthy.


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Break the Silence.”

There have been.many times in my life that I have.wanted to yell at top of my voice scream at everyone to listen . I have yet to do so but for now I shall write it on here. As some of you know I’m a disabled mummy. I’ve got two wonderful sons who are my heart and soul. Well this year has been really hard on my boys. My youngest most of all. We have noticed that he has been to less party’s and he’s not been invited for play dates. It’s really hard on him. As he loves everyone in the whole world and yes he has extra needs but he’s lovely child. Any way it’s same with my oldest who is different to other children but it’s not his thought and he is lovely little boy. Well I’ve wanted to shout many times at top of my voice what is your problem have I done something or have they done something to upset you all. Everyone seems fine then bang all of a sudden.I’m the bad guy.

what would be my last ever post

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Last Words.”Ok hi guys  So here it go’s lifes not always what you dreamed it be. But this dos not mean that it’s a bad thing. Just because life is not  what you wanted it may be what you needed. I  always find  that at first I may not want  what’s happend but in the end I find that it’s leads me to the what I truly need. Also I find that  I learn so much along the way.  There is so much that I would love to tell you but maybe I  should tell you the most important lesson that I have learned.  If you don’t feel a situation is right for you then don’t stay in hope that it will become right. If you feel there is something you just have to do and its safe not going to hurt you or others then maybe there is a reason for that. Always listen to  your body get to know it well take a moment each day stop and allow your self to truly connect with every inch of your body.  If you truly know your body then if something changes you are able to get help as you will know what it is and  be able to describe it better to those who can help us. Also if treatment dent seem to work don’t sit back and think the doctor said it will work and let it be. When we do that we are risking are life and are life is a precocious gift and a gift is not to be.thrown away.  Also when comes to love dont just get with a nice guy just because he’s first nice guy to come along . It’s not fair on that guy or you if you just settle. Every one should have a guy that makes there heart race when they kiss. Can’t think of what to say next so what I shall say is this.

Treat others how you wish to be treated . Love open and honestly put your heart out there  you may end up heartbroken  a couple of times but it will make it worth all the more in the end. Know that just because someone may seem different it don’t mean they are hugely different in the inside. And even if you don’t like them don’t stop others loving them.

Love laugh live and be free

kierren-jacks secret friend

Since KJ was little he’s had a little friend that no one but him can see. For a very long time he had just  Timothy.  But lately we had had a lot more friends and he’s gone into more and more detail about who they are what they do and were they are from. The thing is in away I wish  I could just know the right thing to say or do. But what book can you read that would tell me what to say and do about this sort of thing. I’ve always been a very open passionate person. In my heart I want to just  keep listening to.what he says and let him have these friends but the other day something happens that made me question my thoughts on this.  The other day we went to  a park he was sat talking to someone. He then came over and behind him was a lady crying. Kj asked me if I had a tissue for sad lady . Then he went of making patterns in the sand the lady said to me how lovely he was. We chatted and the she asked how long has he been able to talk to other side I asked what she meant. She explained that since 2007 floods she has carried a letter in her bag. And told me that kj told her that she had to open the blue letter and it help her feel better. And that her little girls name is the one her dad would of chosen.  The lady explained that her husband had died  of an asthma attack that day and he had written a letter to be given in event of her death. And that her daughter was born three months later. And she not open the letter and her daughter’s name was chosen of a short list they had. I’ve got no idea if this was just kj noticing the letter and saying something like dos and maybe she said about her husband and he just said about the name as he thought it was nice name or what . What would you do if it was your child ? Am i over thinking this? Should I just let him be or what ?Help me please.

kai-rhys and his second life See

My youngest son since he was five  has said things like I miss my old friends or I used to like playing football this life I not played it yet. He’s seems very convinced that he had a family before and that he loved different things then he dos now. As much as others say we should tell him not to talk about it and say it’s not good for him. I think that if he feels that he has lived before it should be.acknowledged and talked about. I can’t wait for him to get older and share more of his as he calls it before family. I would like to say I’m not saying that my son has or has not lived before . I simply am sharing what he has told me.And how as he’s got bit older it’s expanded more and more. We been told by him that he had a mean sister who used to hurt him and other siblings that loved him and he loved.  I find it interesting and would love other people’s views  on this.


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Sweeping Motions.”

Daily prompt  wants to know what  is messier  bedroom computer desk or something different. Well every thing is is messy in my life but that’s way I like it as I can change things when I need to or keep it the same.  My boys  mean I need to be able to change this as with there special needs I can’t always say we can do something 100 percent of the time.  So things always all over the place .